Sunday, October 26, 2014

Favorite Food of Entrepreneurs

We found bellow food category by researching 50 popular entrepreneurs, that which food they like most. Entrepreneurs are busy person and with this they maintain their nutrition and proper food quality. Popular food items from entrepreneurs are as follows:
-Lamb salad
-Thick fruit
- Cliff bars
- Carrot & dip packs
- Liberty brand Greek yogurt
- Hummus
-Baked pita chips
-Veggie chips
- Kind Bars
- Blue corn chips
- Kashi bars
- 60% or higher cocoa dark chocolate:
- Rice based chips/crackers
- Pretzels
-Starbucks trail mix
-Mini cheese slices:
- 100-Calorie Almond packs:
- Organic applesauce snack packs
- Pop Chips:
- Kale / lentil chips:
- Wheat-Thins:
- Low fat Fig bars:
-Chicken schnitzel
-Various coffee and Tea
These are the popular food items from popular entrepreneurs and businessman. These food items are analyzed by a research team.