Friday, October 24, 2014

How to Provide Live Chat Support to Customer

At first stage of live customer support you have to start with greetings.
Welcome to …………….. Live Chat Support.
I am Aiden
How may I assist you today?
Listen customer query:
Listen customer query at first carefully. What they want to know and their question regarding the services. Than you can go for the next service.
If it’s a telecommunication company that time you can ask for some question to know about customers details:
May I have your user ID please (registered phone number)?
Phone number please , by which you are registered with us.
Phone number please which you like to register with us.
Your current location please?
If Verification is required that time you can ask:
I need some information just for verification.
Can you please tell me the provided e-mail address on your account?
In Case of Telecommunication Sector:
Can you recall your last top up amount?
Last dialed number please?
Your existing FNF number?
*If you need to say for Waiting:
Please wait for a moment.
Our system is very busy right now, it may take little long to reply and we will appreciate your patience
I am sorry sir, we are very busy at this moment, and there might be a delay in response. I highly appreciate your patience
*Sending mail & Text:
I have sent mail to your given email in details about your query please check your mailbox.
I have sent a text to your given phone number about your required services, please check your inbox. I
In Case of Abusive customers:
Dear sir/madam, I am requesting you behave properly
Sir/Madam, if you do not behave properly than I must have to end this conversation.
Sir/Madam, as you have not behaved properly I am ending this conversation. Thank you for visiting ………….. live chat support.
As we are not receiving any message from you for the last few minutes we are ending this conversation at this moment.
You are most welcome.
Is there anything else I may help you with?
Thank you so much for visiting ……………. online Customer Service.
Don’t hesitate to contact us in future.