Monday, October 27, 2014

Hub Dhaka Going to Operate Their Activity in Bangladesh

HubDhaka is a platform where all the Bangladeshi and outlandish entrepreneurs, start-up and business minded people can collaborate together. Bangladesh is one of the potential country across the world and here we have infinity anonymous entrepreneurs and these innovative entrepreneurs are not getting proper platform to explore their ideas, innovation and ways to defined. All the entrepreneurs in the world they need a proper nutrition on their ideas and a platform where they can exercise their ideas and get powered.
So here in Bangladesh HubDhaka is a playground for all the entrepreneurs and business minded person across the world. Aim of HubDhaka is to provide:
* Business Support
* Mentoring
* Motivating and Inspiring
* Creating Business scope
* Access to working space
* Facilitating creative collisions among community members
* By connecting resources and capital to great ideas
* Facilities to host meetings & events
* Various program among entrepreneurs
* To provide guideline and many more exciting services and support for existing and coming entrepreneurs.
Its really a praise worthy step from Bangladeshi people like HubDhaka. The founder of HubDhaka is Mr. Sajid Islam and he is very happy for introducing HubDhaka here in Bangladesh. He has a supportive mind to work for Bangladeshi entrepreneurs and do help for their activity.
HubDhak launched their office in Bangladesh at Dhaka (Mirpur-11). HubDhaka already stared their activity in Bangladesh and they have a plan to spread all over the world. We welcoming HubDhaka for their activity in Bangladesh and for supporting entrepreneurs. Future Entrepreneurs will be benefited by HubDhaka :)
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