Sunday, October 26, 2014

Reason Behind Bangladeshi PeopleTalk Online

Now a day’s Bangladeshi people talking online widely through internet services. Many Bangladeshi citizen living, studying and working abroad for their livelihood. It’s a big community over the world that is using this kind of online talking software and many other services. Bangladesh has a big demand for it.
Reason behind this rapid online talking system in Bangladesh:
-Due to Business purpose
-Family member living abroad
-Student counseling
-Cultural negotiation
- University admission
-Online business
-Job interview
-Community and many more
Now how they talk online. They are as follows:
* Yahoo messenger
* Face book calling system
* Google talk
These are the popular online talking and video call-in software Bangladeshi people using widely.
Online video chatting with family member and online talking is going to popular in Bangladesh day by day.
BusinessHabit did a survey that which software is popular in Bangladesh and lastly they found “ Skype”.