Monday, December 1, 2014

Why Bangladeshi People and Government should think about next generation

Bangladesh is a beautiful country and the people here are too warm to meet.I found a lacking to Bangladeshi people and Government that they don't like to think about the next generation most of the time. The area where i found this i am just remarking the sectors: Transportation, study, road construction, right people at right place. Its a big barrier for Bangladeshi people for the coming development. Whatever we do we should have a long term plan for the country and for the people. Short time contribution can not bring any good result. Bangladesh is a country full of youth so its an important understanding to think about next generation.
I am sharing some points as my understanding why Bangladeshi People and Government should think about next generation.
1. Long term development
2. For peaceful movement
3. Saving money for the continuous development project.
4. Reduce people hassle
5. Contribution for the country development and so on.
As a Bangladeshi we should practice to think about our next generation it could be my present working capacity or whatever the opportunity i got. Bangladeshi Government should come forward to more practice on it. Because the are the guardian of this country. They should think more smartly..