Wednesday, July 15, 2015

A Creative Billboard in Bangladesh, That Saves Water!

I was passing Kin Bridge, Sylhet Suddenly a Billboard caught my eye. I was curious and I told my driver stop the car I want to see that Billboard. I went to the Billboard and saw there were couple of plastic bucket hanging in a systematic way on billboard. Finally I came up with a solution that is a process of water saving system by rain water. It’s really a great initiative and good advertising policy in Bangladesh to save water in such a way. Bengal Plastic Industries, who produce plastic buckets just launched a rainy season advertising billboard. Adorned with real buckets on its surface, it collects (or harvests) rain water while at the same time showing off the products! Advertising can solve a problem if it’s creative enough.
Here we go for the ad(Watch the Video)
Bravo man who got this idea, just keep going....
opps lastly i found them most of them my known and beloved person :)
Agency: Shunno Entertainment
Creative Consultant: Bunty Mir
Director- Wahid Anam
Art Direction: Saddam Hossain
Client: Bengal Group of Industries Limited .
Head of Marketing: Mrinmoy Kanti Das.