Thursday, July 2, 2015

Attention WIFI is Nnow Available in Some CNG on Dhaka’s Road - Good Initiative

We should all time come up with new idea and approach. How one idea can be exception it’s a big deal to identify it from other. People always seek for something different. If you talk about me yes, I always love to think differently that’s why now writing this article to tell you something different thinking and how people can think differently.
Today I was browsing Facebook at morning. I was scrolling down the mouse and I had a deep concentration on the monitor. By the way I would like to tell you if you log in Facebook after couple of days, you will add some extra care on it  However I was scrolling Facebook suddenly I saw, one page post some picture about using WIFI when you will be in CNG. Can you think? Yes
It happened, I think some CNG owner started this idea. Idea is simple you will have the browsing opportunity and you have to pay for it and the cost is per hour only TK.15
I really appreciate this idea and the way they thought. You will be browsing internet when you will be in traffic jam….. It will save your time and you will have a comfort journey with internet.
I love this good idea. We always should think like this way, how we can change the usual trend. I don’t know who started this idea but I appreciate them from my hurt for being different.
We have to learn to think differently only then some miracle development will happen. Bravo man for your WIFI idea on CNG.