Thursday, July 9, 2015

Google Using Internet Cycles In India’s Villages To Qualify Rural Women

The ratio of internet user in India for women is not much praise-worthy.Today only 12% of Internet users in rural India are women as per iCube 2014 report. Internet is badly needed for empowering women in India. Good news is Tata Trusts and Intel to launch an Internet literacy campaign for women in rural India.
Tata Trusts, with its well spread on ground NGOs network, will manage the on-ground rollout with its partners whereas Google will invest in providing the Internet-enabled Carts and the training content.
The persuasive will kick off with 1000 such carts starting from Gujarat, Rajasthan and Jharkhand and will be rolled out across the country eventually reaching out to over 4500 villages counterpane 5 lakh women across rural India over the next eighteen months.Since the launch of this initiative, Google has directly trained over 1.5 million women on the basics of the Internet.