Saturday, August 22, 2015

How Images Can Literate You About Modern Culture Sadly True

A picture can worth thousand words. I could spend days writing about the ills of modern society – how disconnected we’ve become through technology, how consumed we are by material wealth, how sick and miserable our lifestyles have made us (just to name a few) – and hope that people take the time to read it. Some might, some might not. But the people who do may very well be the ones who are already informed, who already invest their energy into learning about what’s going on in the world. Or I could simply let these images speak for themselves.
London based illustrator and animator Steve Cutts done some awesome Graphic images for you to let you know about the present condition of economy and life style condition based on technology. If you just overlook these images, you will get a vast idea about present socio condition except reading thousand articles.
These were created by Steve Cutts, an illustrator and animator working in London, and shared by Arch20 Magazine. Titles is my own interpretation.
Monopoly continuation 
Rat Race 
The true look of Capitalism 
Happiness = Money
Techno Ghost 
Food Summit 
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