Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Reasons Behind you can not learn anything from Pitbull Songs

Mistakenly when I entered to YouTube I got a video song of Pitbull. I went through many video songs of him. What I found that it's all about more party type song, full of noisy music and some girls always you will found wearing you know small dress. So my question is, What young boys will learn from his song? 
Is it life is a party and Money? Listen gentlemen, reality is different ok. If you can, do some creative songs that Linkin Park already done for the young generation. Pitbull have many things to learn from Linkin Park. Whenever i listen the songs of Linkin Park  I got a meaning of life, all the songs from Linkin Park they inspires to move on and going ahead. If you tell me how do I will do marking among these two Band. Guess what can I marking..
Listen I am not here to patronize Linkin Park I am just sharing my own view. Because it's my realization. 
If you have money and Instrument so you can easily make such songs Pitbull is doing. If you think about Linkin Park it needs brain work.
Sometimes I found such abusive facts in Pitbull song and which is not praiseworthy. I will request Pitbull please create some songs without party mode that give a cool feel and that inspire.
Lastly please don't take this article as personal and I just share my point of view. If you think I need to remove this article just let me know and you can command below.

Thank you