Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Documents Required for Membership of Chamber in Bangladesh

Written by: Faisal Ahmed
After having a TIN from Taxation Department you would have to be a member of respective chamber or association. Without the membership you will not be allowed to apply for ERC, IRC etc. If you decide to start business at Dhaka, you should apply to get a membership in the Dhaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry. However, you may also be a member of particular Manufacture Association. To get a membership in a chamber company, the following documents should be furnished:

One: Application in a prescribed form.
Two: A copy of trade license.
Three: Income Taxation Certificate with TIN.
Four: Bank Solvency Certificate.
Five: Memorandum and Articles of Association of your company.
Six: Entrance fee and annual subscription in the form of a Pay Order/Bank Draft.
Seven: Bonded Warehouse license is issued by the Custom Authority in case of 100% export oriented industry. However, some associations do not ask for Bonded Warehouse Certificate.