Sunday, April 23, 2017

Documents Required to Open a Business Bank Account in Bangladesh

Written by: Faisal Ahmad
You should open an account in one of your favorite banks. You have to obtain an application form from the bank and then submit it along with other necessary document as follows:

One: An application in the prescribed form.

Two: Two passport-size photographs.

Three: Attested copy of the trade license.

Four: In case of limited company Or public limited company, copy of resolution of the meeting of the Board of Directors regarding decision of opening bank account and the delegation of power to operate bank account.

Five: Certificate of Incorporation* from Joint Stock Company.

Six: Membership certificate of a government approved association that related with your business.

Seven: Reference by an account holder of the same bank for your identification.

These are the necessary documents you need to have to open a business bank account for your business in any bank in Bangladesh.