“Clean up Dhaka” an Inspiring initiative from foreigners in Dhaka

Today I was laid on the bed, suddenly my brother came to me with a surprising news and this news wake me up and I gave tata to my sleepiness. The news was “some foreigners started cleaning up Dhaka’s road”. After hearing from my brother I went through the google and finally I revealed their details. The project name is “Clean up Dhaka” and it’s a non-profit organization. I was astonished to see all of their activities there. How spontaneously they started the journey to make a Clean Dhaka.
At present Dhaka is the 2nd worst livable city as per a research from “Economist”. It’s the high time for us to save Dhaka. I myself as a Bangladeshi I think we should come forward to remove this rank of 2nd worst livable city. It’s our city we have to come forward to solve each and every problem without waiting for the government support. We just need to solve the problem as “Clean up Dhaka” started.

We couldn't start the journey as they already started for cleaning Dhaka. We should appreciate and go forward to help them.
Their Mission: 
The main purpose of this project is to set an example by cleaning certain streets/public areas that are swamped with garbage. We want to give the people of Dhaka a vision that helps them realize what the future could look like. With this, we hope to create awareness regarding the waste management in the city. We will therefor also visit the countryside and take pictures/videos there that can be used to remind the people of Dhaka how beautiful their country is, without the litter. We want to empower the citizens of Dhaka to make a sustainable change in their ways.
Best wishes for them.
Images and mission info collected from the Facebook. By the way waiting for your response to know.
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