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A lawn mower is a machine utilizing one or more revolving blades to cut a grass surface to an even height. lawn mower is a very important instrument to shape up the grass surface .The height of the cut grass may be fixed by the design of the mower, but generally is adjustable by the operator, typically by a single master lever, or by a lever or nut and bolt on each of the machine's wheels. The blades may be powered by muscle, with wheels mechanically connected to the cutting blades so that when the mower is pushed forward, the blades spin, or the machine may have a battery-powered or plug-in electric motor.
Actually there are plenty of various types of lawn mowers, but we need to choose the best one according to our work. There are 3 types of lawn mowers which are,
1.) Push type– a human needs to push it
2.) Ride on type – a human rides it
3.) Multi-gang type– pulled behind a tractor
First we need to notify which kind of lawn mower is needed for our work. For home purposes, we need to use push type one and for sports ground purposes, we need ride on type one and for even bigger grounds such as golf grounds are needed multi-gang type. When we purchase a better lawn mower, we need to clarify some areas for particular lawn mowers.
1.) Consideration according to the terrain:
- As earlier mentioned, this is essential since we need to purchase a lawn mower according to our needs.
2.) Consideration about high wheels:
- Mowers with high rear wheels may look more maneuverable, but the engines are mounted beyond up front that makes them harder to tilt back when making U-turns at the end of a row.
3.) Consideration about the brand:
- This is important because lawn mowers’ activities may be different according to the brand and it’s important if some damage is occurred. For an example, more than one manufacturer makes some brands, so you will need the mower’s model number when replacing blades and other parts.
However  if you think about cheapest Lawn More Amazon is a best place to find out the cheapest Lawn Mower. you will get different types of Lawn Mower along with pricing, color, size and many more features. So waiting to see the beautiful grass surface in the meantime you can choose several Lawn Mower from the following link. Happy gardening                                                                        
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