Mynul Khan, a new inspiration for entrepreneur

Image result for mynul khanWritten By: Mustafa Mahmud HassanMynul khan who is the CEO of Field Nation, is a new inspiration for entrepreneur. Field Nation is an online freelance marketplace and Freelance Management System (FMS) predominantly serving businesses with field service needs and freelance field service workers. It is based in Minneapolis, MN with branch offices in Atlanta, GA and Bangladesh. Mynul Khan empowers millions of people to be able to work independently, and he is making good progress. Every month, his company Field Nation is working on tens of thousands of projects. According to Inc. magazine, Field Nation was named one of the fastest-growing private companies in Minnesota last year. In 2015, sales are expected to top $70 million. Mynul khan came to America from Bangladesh pursuing his Bachelor degree. He completed his graduation in computer science at St. Cloud State University. Then he worked at Fujitsu in Dallas in 2004. While he was working at Fujitsu, he noticed the company often had difficulty outsourcing various one-time job contracts to local workers. Fujitsu’s outsourcing model went through multiple tiers, eventually giving most control to national service organizations who would take a sizable cut of the job’s total revenues. At his job place, Khan got a business idea. From a Fujitsu assignment, Khan crafted a basic website organized to be a direct-to-contractor communication portal, which he named It removed the middleman by making a platform for independent workers and businesses to communicate. After two years, he put away the site and set his focus on creating an even more robust model. Field Nation was constructed using many of’s building blocks, working as a finer-tuned facilitator for coordinating these one-time contracts. Field Nation has already attracted some 60,000 users to its platform—all leading toward eliminating the 9-to-5 workday because of a clean, mobile-friendly platform. For a Field Nation contractor, “you decide when to take the next project,” Khan explained. “Maybe you want to take a break; maybe you want to go for a vacation; maybe you want to work for only three days a week and spend more time with your kids. That kind of flexibility you can get through Field Nation.” Khan added, “Field Nation is the online marketplace of the independent workforce. These people started their own business because they have passion, and that’s why they are so engaged.” According to a report by the Freelancers Union found that 34 percent of America’s workforce are considered freelancers in 2014. It means that there are more than 53 million people, and Khan wants to connect every one of them on his platform. Khan makes his service free to join; only taking money once a job has been finished. The structure is similar to eBay’s model, where Field Nation charges a percentage of the freelancer’s fee (from 8 to 10 percent depending on the job). He expects that this approach will make Field Nation become the Amazon of independent work—a platform for any person and any business. Khan admits that he never fully disconnects from Field Nation away from the office. He loves to read books when time permits, and a book collector with a blatant disregard for their digital counterparts. Printed tomes consume entire shelves in his home; two books he read most recently were about Eric Schmidt, Google’s ex-CEO, and Thomas Jefferson, two power figures separated by centuries. In spite of being a millionaire, he leads a simple life. “What’s the point?” he asked. “I don’t care about driving a nice car as long as my car runs, and people always tease me about that. My whole pride is all consumed around building the greatest company that I can possibly build, and nothing else really comes to my mind.”  
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