Why Narayanaswami Srinivasan (N. Srinivasan) is Not Appropriate for the ICC

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Cricket is a democratic game and it should remain constant within the democracy. If any conspiracy and team Sentiment work in Cricket so it will lose the real entertainment Background.Sports should be authentic in all perspective because its the way where years of practice, patriotism, recognition, emotion, and rearwards are related. A whole nation and a country's emotion is related with this.
However, reason behind to tell these is about ICC world cup in 2015.I observed many  disqualification among the Cricket world cup held in 2015 mostly in India and Bangladesh match. That match was not favorable for Bangladesh. Many wrong decision was from third umpire and from the upper level that was really Gaudy. Many people across the world they had a bad impact on the game and question raised is it a game of money.
Who had a black hand for this India and Bangladesh match held in 2015 such a doubtful way and also questionable. How umpire got these privilege for this kinda activity. ICC board of director should find out this answer what happened in that day (India-Bangladesh) match. However i am giving this responsibilities to you.
Now I would like to go my topics why N. Srinivasan is Not Appropriate for the ICC:

According to the ICC constitution, the president will "present trophies at global competitions" but president's(AHM Mostafa Kamal) moment was stolen by none other than ICC chairman Narayanswami Srinivasan as the Indian,  ridicule to the stage, handed over the trophy to Australia captain Michael Clarke. What irked the general public was that the ICC did not even maintain the smallest courtesy of inviting Kamal to the presentation party.Key changes in ICC: New exec committee: 5-man executive committee with permanent seats for India, England    and Australia. It will make recommendations to the ICC board, which remains decision-making body. Where is other countries opinion. N. Srinivasan has a hearsay about match fixing in IPLCricket is a neutral Game. When cricket will loose the neutrality it will loose all the beauty of sport. No personal interest, beneficial activity should not tolerated in Cricket. Mostly ICC should be neutral in all aspects. ICC board member should think again, Who are now operating and controlling ICC. Is they perfect to run ICC?

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