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Buy and sell Market in Sendai, Japan

Sendai is one of the top developed and populated city in Japan. If you think about 5 top cities in Japan in that case Sendai will be one of them. In sendai there are many foreigners are living and one of the reason is Sendai is the city of universities. In sendai here almost 17 universities. Many foreign students come in Sendai and after completion of study they leave Sendai along with this someone get a Job in Sendai. So actually it's a circle. So when someone come in Sendai newly they want to buy products for their living at a very cheap price and its natural and it should be. Interestingly when someone leave sendai they want to sell their products at a very cheap price and someone want to give their products for free. Here is a communication gap to exchange the products and other services who will come in Sendai and who will leave Sendai. To resolve this problem we have launched a new group based on Sendai Japan especially for the foreigner to solve their buy and sell Item. We want to make a proper communication place for buy and sell and co-operate each other. We are going to give the group address below: Please Join the group and help others. and sell Market Sendai
Buy and sell Market Sendai
Hope you will be in this group and co-operate each other. Thank you.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Tissue Paper Manufacturing Companies in Bangladesh

-Bashundhara Tissue:
Bashundhara Paper Mills Limited (BPML), a concern of country’s leading business conglomerate Bashundhara Group, has introduced a fully automation system for converting and packaging Bashundhara brand tissue products at its manufacturing Unit-3 at Gazaria in Munshiganj.
The automation system for Bashundhara Paper Napkin, Bashundhara Toilet Issue and Bashundhara Wallet Tissue was formally introduced at unit-3 of BPML, formerly known as Bashundhara Tissue Industries Limited, on Saturday.
The state-of-the-art technology at the Bashundhara Paper Mills will take the country’s premium tissue and napkin brand another step ahead by making its production line fully automated with no requirement for manual handlings to maintain the highest hygiene standard in its product line.
“The newly introduced automation system will produce hygienic paper tissue products equivalent to the European standards as well as reducing the production costs,” said engineer SM Sorowar, general manger (converting) of BPML unit-3.
“We have partially introduced the system at the factory. The converting and packaging process will be brought under the automation system within one week,” he informed.
“Now, no hand touch (manual handlings) will be needed in converting and packaging of paper napkins, which will ensure bacteria and dust-free tissue products,” the GM also said.
“The machinery for the automation system has been brought from Italy, Korea and China,” factory officials said, adding that the newly introduced system will also save production time.
The BPML unit-3 has been manufacturing a wide range of products including facial tissue, pocket tissue, wet tissue, green tissue, sanitary napkin, baby diaper, toilet tissue, kitchen towel, glassine paper, and hard tissue and hand gloves.
Bashundhara Group is the first company in Bangladesh that started manufacturing tissue products in 2000.
Apart from being the top tissue brand in Bangladesh, Bashundhara tissue products are also being exported to various countries of Asia, Africa and Middle East since 2004.
Bashundhara holds 80 percent of Bangladesh’s paper napkin market and exports around 300 tons tissue products

-Bangla Tissue:
“Bangla” is a premium quality tissue paper because it has been made from virgin pulp which is imported from USA, Canada and some European countries. They are producing tissue papers under joint venture with Japan in the name of Nissho Koeki Tissue Paper Co. Ltd. They are the second largest manufacturer of tissue products in Bangladesh.
As the number of health conscious people of Bangladesh is growing day by day everyone prefers to use tissue papers which are hygienic and soft. The feature and benefits of our product are 100% hygienic, soft & absorbent, more whiteness, various types of packing & food grade perfume.
Nexus Group Ltd.
Our company is interested to sell quality tissue products at rock bottom price. Our products are: Toilet/Sanitary Tissue paper Facial Tissue paper Shoes and food packaging /separating Printed Tissues.


-Texvision (BD) ltd

-Overdrive Trade International

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Number of paper mills in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh paper mills is one of the prominent and updated industry nowadays. Bangladesh is now quite able to produce any paper need as per basic and industrial requirement. Bangladesh need to import some raw materials for this industry. Canada and sweden are the most country to import those materials for paper industry. List of paper industry in Bangladesh as follows.

1.Azmat Ali Paper and Board Mill, South Keranigonj
2.Al-Noor Paper Mills
3.Amber Paper Mills, Siddirgonj, Narayanganj
4.Ananta Paper Mills, Rupgonj, Narayanganj
5.Azad Pulp and Paper Mill, Kahaloo, Bogra
6.Base Paper Mills, Srirampur, Dhamrai, Savar
7.Bangladesh Paper Mills Ltd. Shimrail, Siddhirgonj, Narayangonj.
8.Bashundhara Paper Mills Limited
9.BCL Paper Mills Limited, Thengamara, Gokul, Bogra
10.Brothers Paper & Board Mills Ltd (BPBML)
11.Bashar Paper Mills, Bandar, Munshigonj
12.Capital Paper & Board Mills, Polash, Ghorashal, Norshingdi
13.Creative Paper Mill, Rupgonj, Naryangang
14.Dynamic Tissue Industries Limited, Mowna, Gazipur
15.Gazipur Paper Mills, Madanpur, Narayanganj
16.Hakkani Pulp & Paper Mills Ltd
17.Hashem Paper Mills, Rupgonj, Narayanganj
18.Karnaphuli Paper Mills, Chittagong
19.Lina Paper Mills ltd, Rupgonj, Narayanganj
20.MAP Paper Board Mills Ltd, Jamalpur
21.Makka Paper & Board Mills Limited, West Paragoan, Bhulta, Narayangonj
22.Maq Paper Industries, Naryangang
23.MAF Newsprint Mills LTD, Boalkhali, Chittagong
24.Meghna Pulp & Paper Mills Ltd, Meghna Ghat, Narayanganj
25.Magura Paper Mills
26.Paper-Tech Industries, Rupgonj, Narayanganj
27.Partex Paper Mills, Rupgonj, Narayanganj
28.Pearl Paper & Board Mills, Srirampur, Dhamrai, Savar
29.Purbachal Paper Mills Ltd, Rupgonj, Narayanganj
30.Quality Paper Mill (Concern Of Double A), Mhasimpur, Tongi, Gazipur
31.T. K. Paper Products Ltd,Boalkhali, Chittagong
32.Tanveer Paper Mills, Meghna Ghat, Narayanganj
33.Younus Offset Paper Mills Limited,Jatramura, Narayanganj

I think it's huge number of manufacturer now in Bangladesh by the way it's a good sign.

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Obama kiteboards in Caribbean with billionaire Richard Branson

Obama and British businessman Richard Branson sit on a boat during Obama's holiday on Branson's Moskito island, in the British Virgin Islands. Jack Brockway/Virgin Handout via REUTERS
By David Ingram
Former U.S. president Barack Obama is trying some new and dangerous water sports that the Hawaii native had to miss out on for safety reasons while serving in the White House.

Obama, whose eight years as president ended last month when he was succeeded by Donald Trump, learned to kiteboard while vacationing last week on a Caribbean island owned by British billionaire and adventurer Sir Richard Branson, who published an account of their trip on Tuesday.

Photographs and video on the website of Branson's Virgin Group show the former president, a life-long surfer, figuring out the increasingly popular sport in which people ride a board while being pulled behind a kite.

"Being the former president of America, there was lots of security around, but Barack was able to really relax and get into it," Branson wrote.
Obama and his wife, Michelle, were spotted last week in the British Virgin Islands, and people posted photos of them on social media. Branson owns 120-acre (48-hectare) Moskito Island, which is part of the archipelago.

Kiteboarding was chosen in 2012 as a sport for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, replacing windsurfing. The decision was criticized at the time because the sport can be lethal, and it was reversed within months.

According to Branson, Obama studied the pastime for two days and flew a kite from the beach, "as if going back to being a child again," before heading out into the waves.

Branson was trying to learn a similar sport, foilboarding, which uses a modified board that rises a few feet above the water. He wrote that he challenged the ex-president over which of them would succeed first.
Obama triumphed, he said, by kiteboarding for 100 meters (328 feet).

"After all he has done for the world, I couldn't begrudge him his well-deserved win," Branson wrote.
Via: reuters

Uber CEO quits Trump's business advisory group

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick attends the summer World Economic Forum in Tianjin, China, June 26, 2016. REUTERS/Shu Zhang
Uber Technologies Inc Chief Executive Officer Travis Kalanick quit President Donald Trump's business advisory group on Thursday amid mounting pressure from activists and employees who oppose the administration's immigration policies.

Critics included Uber drivers, many of whom are immigrants themselves.

"Joining the group was not meant to be an endorsement of the president or his agenda but unfortunately it has been misinterpreted to be exactly that," Kalanick, who had planned to attend a meeting of the group on Friday, said in an email to staff that was seen by Reuters.

Uber spokeswoman Chelsea Kohler later confirmed that he had left the group.

Social media campaigns had targeted Uber, urging users to delete accounts and opt for rival Lyft Inc. Uber has been emailing users who deleted their accounts to say it shares their concerns and will compensate drivers affected by the ban.

Kalanick said he spoke briefly to Trump about the immigration order "and its issues for our community" and told the president he would not join the economic council.

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick attends the summer World Economic Forum in Tianjin, China, June 26, 2016. REUTERS/Shu Zhang
The CEO came under increasing pressure to leave the council after Trump issued an executive order temporarily barring people from seven majority-Muslim nations from entering the United States.

"There are many ways we will continue to advocate for just change on immigration but staying on the council was going to get in the way of that. The executive order is hurting many people in communities all across America," he wrote in a note to employees. "Families are being separated, people are stranded overseas and there’s a growing fear the U.S. is no longer a place that welcomes immigrants."

The White House said in a statement Thursday evening that did not mention Uber that Trump "understands the importance of an open dialogue with fellow business leaders to discuss how to best make our nation's economy stronger."

The move could put pressure on other CEOs expected to attend a meeting with Trump on Friday. General Motors Co said its chief executive would attend, while Walt Disney Co said earlier Thursday its chief executive would not attend because of a long-planned board meeting.

Others expected to take part include the CEOs of JPMorgan Chase & Co, Blackstone Group LP, IBM Corp and Wal-Mart Stores Inc. Others that are part of the council include Tesla Inc CEO Elon Musk, PepsiCo Inc CEO Indra Nooyi and Boston Consulting Group CEO Rich Lesser.

Musk said he would attend the meeting. "In tomorrow's meeting, I and others will express our objections to the recent executive order on immigration and offer suggestions for changes to the policy," he said in a tweet on Thursday.

Kalanick's departure could signal a growing rift between technology companies and Washington.
"There is a battle brewing between Trump and Silicon Valley," said Neeraj Agrawal, general partner at Battery Ventures. "They (the Trump administration) clearly don't value the economic activity generated by tech."

Microsoft Corp on Thursday said it proposed a modification of Trump's travel limits.

Technology companies including Microsoft, Google owner Alphabet Inc, Apple Inc and Inc have opposed Trump’s order, arguing that they rely on workers from around the world.

Amazon and Expedia Inc have filed court documents supporting a legal challenge to the order by the Washington state attorney general.
Sourece: reuters

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Top Ten Famous Sweets of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a land of sweets. There are many kinds of sweets (in Bangla called ‘misti) in its 64 districts. The sweets outside of its capital city Dhaka are even more famous. It is a part of any celebration be it wedding, birthday, exam results, getting a new job, big improvement in any business, birth of a child etc. In Bangladeshi culture, Any good news must be accompanied with a packet of sweet.

In this post, we have tried to write about 10 famous sweets of Bangladesh. If you a foreigner living in the country or planning to visit here then you must taste them. You will not find some of them in any other country in the world not even in India.

Tangail Chomchom:
Tangail  is famous for Chomchom sweet. From the reign of British rules in Indian subcontinent, this sweet has become very popular in all parts of Bangaldesh.   If you have experience of this taste of sweet, you mouth might be filled with water .  King of sweet is Chomchom.  It’s delicious taste and sweet scent is special that other sweets cannot  not be  compared with it . Due to sweet streaming water through  Dhaleshwari river, fresh milk  creates this standalone taste and looks . It looks deep brown and reddish .Its outer side is consolidated but core part is filled with juice.

Rajbari Chomchom:
When it comes Chomchom, normally the name of Tangail comes. However, Rajbari can easily compete in this regard. Its chomchom is very delicious but has not got that much fame. The main reason is that Rajbari is a bit far from the capital Dhaka and there is no direct bus or rail communication (you have to pass the mighty Padma river in ferry). As a result, it takes a lot of time to go there. Anyway, if you visit Rajbari then never forget to try this sweet.

Jamtolar Rosogolla of Jessore:
Jessore is one of the beautiful districts in Bangladesh and this place is famous for different types of sweet. “Jamtolar Rosogolla” is one of the main sweets here. Jamtola is a small town beside Jessore. It is not like a city, It’s called Jamtola Bazar. Jamtola is famous for sweets and Rosogolla is one of them. The history of this sweet is very old. Many people told many stories about it. The history is not important. The most important thing is its taste. It tastes very sweet and has a very good smells. When you entered it in your mouth, you fill a different test. The sweet is very soft and looks beautifull. It is made from sugar, milk and other ingredients. The price is not so high- Per kg is only 180tk.
Rosmalai of Comilla:
Comillar Rosmalai is well known sweet item in whole over the Bangladesh . It has a special taste for sweet lovers. People of Bangladesh who are very interested to taste sweet then they like to have it. Especially “Matrivandar ‘s Rosmalai” is famous in our country and the sweet shop is behind the scene of popularity of  “Comillar Rosmalai” .  The shop of Matrivandar is situated in Comilla at Monohorpur . “Jolozog” , “Vogoboti” , “Zenis”, “Omrito Sweets”  and “Porabari” sweet shops of Comilla are also well known for Rosmalai.

Muktagacha Monda:
A person named Gopal Pal is the original creator of “Muktagachar Monda.” According to the legend, one night a sage appeared in Gopal Pal’s dream and ordered him to create monda. The next day, Gopal Pal created monda and served it to the Zaminder of Muktagacha Maharaja Surjakant Acharya Chowdhury. The zaminder was very pleased. The first monda was produced in 1231 Bangla Year. The main ingredient of Monda is milk andsugar. After preparation it can be preserved from 10 to 12 days in regular temperature. It is stated that Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy, former Chief Minister of West Bengal, leader of the former Soviet Union Joseph Stalin tasted Muktagachar Monda and liked it.

Satkhira Sondesh:
Sandesh is prepared more or less all over Bangladesh. Milk and sugar are the main ingredients. Satkhira Para Sondesh is another popular variety. It is a dry sweet. On the other, traditional soft sondesh is also popular here. There are many factories and sweet shops in Satkhira district. One or two such shops are even more than one hundred years old.

Bogra Doi (sweet Yogurt):
It is the most popular yogurt in the country. It is very famous. Bogra is situated in the northern part of the country and this district has many cows. So, getting milk for the doi is not difficult. There are several types of yogurts:

 1. “Sweet yogurt” is most common yogurt in Bogra yogurt.

 2. “White yogurt” is very popular for diabetes patient.

 3. “Sour yogurt” is similar to white yogurt, but it’s taste sour.

 4. “Yogurt of Ghole” is used only drinks.

 5. “Shahi yogurt” made less added sugar but bright white color. This yogurt is best all of yogurt.

Balish Misti of Netrokona:
Netrokona is famous for many things. Among them, Balish mishti is most popular. It comes first when we talk about this particular place. This sweet has a history of almost hundred years. Because of its pillow-like shape and huge size, it is called balish (pillow) sweet. Each can weigh up to two kilograms. It tops the list when groom family sends different types of sweet to bride’s house as part of tradition. This sweet was first made by Goyanath. That is why, it is also known as Goyanath’s balish mishti or Goyanath’s Chomchom. However, before leaving Bangladesh in 1969, he taught the secret recipe to his employee Nikhil Modok. Since then his descendant are making this special sweet. However, this sweet is now found in many shops. If you ever visit Netrokona, you should not miss the opportunity to taste this giant Chomchom. If you taste once, you will never forget its taste.

Pera Sondesh of Naogaon: Pera sondesh is a dry form of sweet made with milk and sugar. Naogaon is not a big city. The sweet has a history of nearly 100 years. It was that time used for a tribute to Hindu Gods. Pera sondesh can be preserved easily for a week because of its dry nature. It is also exported abroad.

Natore’s Kacha Golla: It is a kind of sweet food similar to sondesh. This sweet is made by raw cow milk and this sweet is known as Kacha golla. Basically this sweet is made in Natore. But now there are many districts in Bangladesh that this  sweet is available. Kacha golla has a great story. In fact, the process of making it was discovered by accident. Natore’s kacha golla is famous and always in demand in capital city Dhaka. However, it is not available that much because Natore is far from Dhaka and also kacha golla does not stay fresh for a long time.


Solar Power Companies in Bangladesh

Via: scidev

The long term average sunshine data indicates that the period of bright sunshine hours in the coastal regions of Bangladesh varies from 3 to 11 hours daily.The insolation in Bangladesh varies from 3.8 kwh/m2/day to 6.4 kwh/m2/day at an average of 5 kwh/m2/day. These indicate that there are good prospects for solar thermal and photovoltaic application in the country.
With an estimated 40% of the population in Bangladesh having no access to electricity, the government introduced a scheme known as solar home systems (SHS) to provide electricity to households with no grid access.The program reached 3 million households as of late 2014 and, with more than 50,000 systems being added per month since 2009, the World Bank has called it "the fastest growing solar home system program in the world.
The Bangladeshi government is working towards universal electricity access by 2021 with the SHS program projected to cover 6 million households by 2017. List of Solar Power Companies in Bangladesh below:
Grameen Shakti:
Via: Grameen Shakti

Grameen Shakti (GS) has developed one of the most successful market based programs with a social objective for popularizing Solar Home Systems (SHSs) including other renewable energy technologies to millions of rural villagers.

Currently GS is one of the largest and fastest growing rural based renewable energy companies in the world. In addition, Bangladesh is a country with one of the most successful renewable energy programs in the world. As of December 2012, GS has installed more than 1 million SHSs in rural areas with more than 22,250 SHSs installed per month. This success especially was the result of unique approach, blending market and social forces together to take world's most up to date technology to the rural people.

Initial Challenges faced by GS were

-Lack of rural network
-No knowledge or awareness among the rural people
-Lack of trained manpower
-High upfront cost of renewable energy technologies
-Lack of sources of fund GS

GS used its Grameen Bank's experience to evolve a financial package based of installment payment which reduced costs and helped it reach economy of scale. GS had to earn the goodwill of the rural people and provide excellent after sales services to ensure the success of its program. GS engineers are also called social engineers. GS engineers trained women technicians and providet them with employment, managed a scholarship program for school children, they collected damaged batteries to ensure that these do not hurt the environment. GS engineers paid monthly visits to households during installment payment and ready to offer their services with a small fee, after a client signed an annual maintenance agreement with GS.

GS solar PV program really took off the ground when rural clients realized SHSs were more cost effective than other conventional sources of energy such as kerosene and provided more utilities.

GS started its biogas program in 2005 and Improved Cooking Stoves Program in 2006. GS's biogas program is the first market based program in Bangladesh. Both programs have become popular among the rural people and show an accelerating trend.

Rahimafrooz Solar:
Via: Rahimafrooz Solar

Rahimafrooz Renewable Energy Ltd. (RREL), is one of the foremost and pioneering solar companies, with more than 25 years of experience of Solarizing Bangladesh.

As a company we specialize as a systems integrator & installer of solar solutions, manufacturer of key solar components, and one-stop service provider for carbon project development.

At RREL, we have established our own fully automated PV module manufacturing plant with a capacity of 18MW, which not only caters to captive requirements, but also supplies to other similar organizations and exports abroad.

As of date RREL has so far installed more than 25MWp of solar system in forms of Solar Home System (SHS), solar pumping solutions, telecom solutions, and on-grid roof-top solutions and decentralized solar community electrification projects etc.

Key areas of our companyĆ¢€™s operation are:

Solar Home System (SHS)
Rooftop Solar Power System
Solar Telecom Solutions
Solar Powered Pumps
EPC and Projects
Greenfinity Energy Limited:

Greenfinity Energy Limited is a world class solar products and devices manufacturing company with a mission to bring aesthetically pleasing, efficient and affordable distributed solar power generation to the world.

The company has merged high-design architecture with sustainable infrastructure master planning to help corporations, schools, governmental agencies and other entities deploy - "Solar You Can See"! Greenfinity Energy Works with Solar Energy Research Institute (SERI) as a Research and Development Partner.

Greenfinity has emerged to spearhead the encouraging green energy solutions, especially through producing high quality monocrystalline and polycrystalline silicon solar photovoltaic modules of various sizes according to the needs of the people at affordable cost.

Greenfinity has been acquiring invaluable knowledge on solar photovoltaic technology through its stake holders, such as skilled workers, researches, technological partners and well-wishers around the globe. All activities are focused to ensure the vision and mission of the company to be achieved successfully. Greenfinity is firm to present quality end-products as well as Photovoltaic system to work for guaranteed period as our humble gift to the people who embrace the green lives.

Greenfinity is whole-heartedly determined to ensure "Greenfinity for infinity sustainability".
Electro Solar Power Ltd:
Electro Solar Power Ltd. a sister concern of Electro Group comes as the first Solar PV Module manufacturer in Bangladesh. Electro Solar adds a new era in solar power sector in Bangladesh. Electro Solar Power Ltd is established in 2009 with 1200 square meters of manufacturing plant area at Ashulia, Savar. Workforce comprises of 10 engineers and 75 workers. They are all experienced in handling electricity and electronics. We have and enriched R&D facility. All solar accessories like charge controller, inverters are already developed in this R&D center. We are fully capable of solar panel deployment for home system of couple of 10W capacity of large commercial/ industrial system ranging up to couple of kilowatt capacity. With the ever increasing demand of electric power, our country's power infrastructure is lagging behind to meet this demanded. Here Electro Solar Power Ltd comes into play with its solar PV panel manufacturing plant.

Not only it would ease the burden on existing power infrastructure, it would also reduce the carbon emission significantly.The solar energy is totally green and this would reduce carbon-footprint of our country to a great extent. With a push in national energy policy for green solar energy, Electro Solar Power Ltd. would be the pioneer in our country to materialize that push. One of the major missions of Electro Group is to develop local industries to reduce imported commodity, hence reduce foreign currency expenditure of the country and most of all generate employment opportunity out of above activities. Electro Solar Company Ltd. is one step forward to achieve that goal moving along with Electro Mechanical Service Ltd., EM Power Ltd., Electro Meter Co. Ltd. and Electro Battery Co. Ltd.
GTS Solar:
Solar Power & Electric Industries Ltd. a sister concern of GTS GROUP is one of the leading Solar Panel manufacturer in Bangladesh. Here, we are in first and the largest solar panel manufacturer & solar water heater assembler company with the facility of manufacturing solar battery, solar LED Bulbs/Tubes, solar charge controller and we are the experienced solar system/ solar power plant (both on grid & off grid) installer in our country. Our company has been started its journey at October 2009. The company has been set upon an area of land measuring near about 5 (Five) Acres at Sreenagar Chowrasta, Sreenagar Munshigonj. All the infrastructural facilities like communication, power, and labor are available at the factory side. Our world–class production plant is equipped with the latest technology and machineries that complies with specific national and international standards and requirements. We have dedicated teams of world class engineers, technician team, marketing and sales, and quality control experts on product development. We operate on the basis of sound management principles and techniques. Our strict quality assurance program ensures all our products to meet the international standards. We ensure the best product at competitive prices. Cash memo/Warranty is committed to provide immediate product supports and excellent customer services. We observe labor laws and have proper personnel actions.

InGen Technology:

InGen Technology Ltd. was formed in 2007 to promote eco friendly renewable energy products in Bangladesh. Its product comprises of Solar and Alternate Power Solutions like Solar Power Packs, IPS, UPS.
InGen Technology Ltd. is one of the first local companies to team up with IDCOL (Infrastructure Development Company Limited) for its persuasive sales of eco friendly equipment. Complimented with quality human resource our present representation expands in 60 locations in form of Branch offices and currently we have 18000+ subscribers for Solar Homes.
InGen is also associated with Telecom operators across the country in Installation and Commissioning of Solar System to 100+ BTS sites. Currently over 1000 Unions under Digital Bangladesh Project have been fitted with InGen Solar Power Solution which has allowed Union Level Offices with power supply where National Grid isn’t available.
InGen has successfully completed a project as one of the biggest in Bangladesh under the Grid-tie System Project for the Bureau of Statistics, generating 201KW of power. It has also set up a 50KW Hybrid System for Hi-Tech Park at Kaliakoir.
It is dealer of Ascot of Italy for their full range of Hybrid DC Generators.
Its contribution to Green Energy reflects generation of around 7MW of electricity through Solar Power and 1MW through Solar Homes. It also pledges to play an active role in promoting Green Products to create a pollution free Bangladesh for our next generation.