Friday, October 24, 2014

Bangladeshi Articles Sharing Site

Hello everyone now I will discuss about article sharing site in Bangladesh. Now a day’s all of we are going to internet based and our way of activity, our expression, our ideas, our thinking, business development, any incident each and everything we want to share with people from all over the world. For this article is one of the ways to express yourself, you ideas and to represent your country. So if we want to share any article as a Bangladeshi so I think we should go for Bangladeshi websites who are doing work in this sector. Now I am going to talk about two popular articles sharing sites in Bangladesh.

Sites are:
BusinessHabit is a Bangladesh based business articles sharing site. Here you can write articles about business whatever you want. You can write about any business opportunity, about any business, business area that is anything regarding business. Simply send the article to a mail and the mail is: just sends your article to us we will publish your article to BusinessHabit with your name and Gmail. You can also ask a question about business in BusinessHabit we have a forum at BusinessHabit. Many people are waiting to give your answer that is I is a business question ask and answer community in Bangladesh. You can add your business and your company at BusinessHabit so that your company and your company address will boost up to google rank page. However it’s a business community of Bangladesh and all over the world be with us and contribute your idea it’s also a process of helping and educating Bangladeshi and international people across the world and kind of social work.
Creative’s Diary:
Creative’s Diary is a Bangladesh based technology articles sharing site. Here you can write articles related with information and technology. You are most welcome to write articles related to Technology, Reviews, Development and Computer. Creative’s Diary introduced a great trend to the way of your writing. It will guide you how to write step by step, so you can write effective and good articles. There is many categories to write, choose one and start writing on your great topics. Simply go to the website create an account and explore your writing.