Sunday, March 15, 2015

Traffic Signs in Bangladesh for Driving and for the Driving Exam

Every country have their individual signs and signal for driving on the road. These signs alert driver for driving properly and maintaining the rules and regulation for ones country. In Bangladesh we have many signaled for different stage of driving. These signs are important for driving on the road. If you want to give driving exam in Bangladesh so that you have to know and you have to popular with these signs. Either you will not come up with passing with the viva exam for driving in Bangladesh. By the way don't worry its really easy you didn't think ever before. I just took for 1 day preparations and by the grace of Allah i passed properly. I am giving some popular and most common signs as images bellow. Just follow this and come up with these signs hope you will be benefited for the driving exam and along with this for the driving. However print these images and get ready for the driving in Bangladesh.
Warning Sign:
Information Signs:
Mandatory Signs:
Route Signs:
Road Markings:
Supplementary Plates:
General Design of a Traffic Sign:
These are the most common signs. You will get more information if you go to the govt website and here is the web link below: