Sunday, May 10, 2015

A Guide to free internet use in Bangladesh Along with

I can remember I searched thousand time in Google about “How to Use Free Internet” Thinking those days gone for because aimed for free internet experience and they have already started their journey in Bangladesh. First time ever in Bangladesh free internet service have launched at10th, May2015.
Various web portal in Bangladesh have took place and listed under this initiative. Example: Government based website, Sports, Agricultural, e-commerce, Online market place based website got their place under this service.
Mobile phone operator Robi Axiata and along with inaugurate the launching program of free internet. Gradually other mobile phone operators in Bangladesh will be participate.
 Policy Advisor of Access to Information (a2i) Programme, Mr. Anir Chowdhury said, " Due to some technical reason we faced delay for browsing free internet but from today we are going to start” He also informed “gradually and priority based web portal will be added under this service”
If anyone want to take the service from than he/she no need to pay for browsing internet browsing cost, just log in to and browse the listed website. One can also use the apps of it’s also free. Go to the apps store download and browse. Remind download official app from
At present only Robi subscriber will be able to browse free the following website:
1. Accuweather
2. E-commerce sites
3. Job site: bdjobs
4. Crickinfo
5, Facebook
6. Girl effect, Health prior
7. ICT Department
8. Agricultural Ministry
10. Robi internet plan My Net
11. Facts for life
12. Wikipedia and so on