Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Look at Google's brand new logo

After a long while of time Google came up with a change in their logo. After 16 years it’s their first branding update. Google will continue with their color preference Blue, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, and Red.
The new logo is still a colorful typographic that features six simple letters on a plain white page. What's the pinch? "Google" is written in a brand new font.
The company also said it would shed the little blue "g" icon and replace it with a four-color "G" that matches the new logo.
"This isn't the first time we've changed our look and it probably won't be the last, but we think today's update is a great reflection of all the ways Google works for you across Search, Maps, Gmail, Chrome and many others," Google said in a blogpost.
Additionally, Google is revamping its blue single letter "G" logo into a multicolored one.
Watch the Video of Google's brand new logo Below: