Saturday, January 23, 2016

The person behind Ekhanei and bKash! Kamal Quadir

I wonder when I got informed about Bangladeshi potential Entrepreneurs. I guess you already know and used  these two services bKash and Ekhanei, if you are now reading this article.
Kamal Quadir is a Bangladeshi American entrepreneur and artist best known for introducing e-commerce in Bangladesh by founding Ekhanei. Quadir is currently heading bKash which provides financial services through a network of community-based agents and existing technology, including mobile phones. bKash is world’s second largest and fastest growing mobile financial services.
Quadir is a founding member of Open World Initiatives, a Lausanne, Switzerland based organization of young thinkers. He is involved with Anwarul Quadir Foundation which recognises innovations in developing countries. He is a First Mover Fellow of The Aspen Institute. In 2009, TED selected Quadir a TED Fellow and the World Economic Forum recognised him as a Young Global Leader.
As I know they are two brother Kamal Quadir and Iqbal Quadir. Iqbal Quadir himself also prominent Entrepreneur and he is the founder of Grameenphone, which is the fastest growing telecommunication company in Bangladesh.
Bravo these two Entrepreneurs from Bangladesh and this is how we can Taking Bangladesh to the world.
You can have a look on this TEDx Talks by Kamal Quadir