Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Muhammad Ali raises his fists for the last time in his final ever photos

2016 . . . Ali before death looking tough with his iconic pose @ZENON TEXEIRA/FAMEFLYNET
WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Haunting pictures were taken just weeks before the boxing legend’s death
THIS is the last official portrait of Muhammad Ali.

Proud to the end, the boxing legend, 74, stares defiantly into the camera lens just two months ago.

Ali, weary from 32 years battling Parkinson’s disease, was unrecognisable from his heyday, right.
The Brit who snapped him said: “I felt his aura.”

2016 . . . boxing legend looking frail @ZENON TEXEIRA/FAMEFLYNET
Dignity in final portrait . . . Muhammad Ali stares defiantly into the camera  @ZENON TEXEIRA/FAMEFLYNET
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