Exportable Items From Bangladesh

Bangladesh is an agro based country. Bangladesh has many potential agro based items for export. Most remarkable agro based products are: rice, jute and tea. Ready-made Garments sector is one of the most cash cow for Bangladesh in export sector. Bangladeshi ready-made garments is worldwide recognized and popular. World’s investor and Bangladeshi business men are willing to business this sector due to cheap labor cost. Bangladesh is doing well in handicraft sector; mostly handicraft from jute is popular all over the world. Pharmaceutical sector is doing well in export area of Bangladesh. In Bangladesh there are many pharmaceutical companies have created due to the business opportunity here. Electronic and automobile sector opened a new era for Bangladesh. Walton group is an example for that and they are exporting their products many countries of the world. Shipyard is newly invented export item for Bangladesh. It will make a positive growth for Bangladeshi economy. Bangladesh has a boosting up opportunity in export.
Exports list from Bangladesh:
*Frozen Food
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How to Start Export-Import Business From Bangladesh
Some Important terms/abbreviation for Export
*Salted & dehydrated
*Animal casings
*Agricultural products
*Cut flower
*Betel leaves
*Dry fruits
*Bay leaves
*Raw cotton
*Cotton waste
*Black cumin seed
*In packet
*In bulk
*Crude fertilizer
*Raw jute (fiodi.com jute products supplyer)
*Tortoise & turtles
*Duck chest feather
*Aquarium fish
*Crude drugs
*Bamboo poles
*Jute ropes
*Dry food
*Coir & Coi-products
*Human hair
*Wood & timbers
*Copra wast
*Hukka nali
*Horns & hooves
*Molasses bh
*Petroleum by products
*Furnace oil
*Chemical products
*Chemical fertilizer
*P.V.C. Pipe
*P.V.C. Bags
*Soap toilet
*Soap washing
*Rayen yarn
*Ceramic sanitary ware
*Polythene sheet
*Synthetic ropes
*Leather (Curst/Finished)
*Jute goods (all sorts)
*Jute yarn & twine
*Jute carpet (fiodi.com jute products supplyer)
*Jute manufactures
*Specialized textile & Household linen
*Terry towel
*Knit wear
*T. Shirts
*Ready-made Garments
*Engineering Products
*G.I. Pipe
*Iron Chain
*Cast Iron articles
*Electric Wires
*Telephone cables
*Coil assembly
*Ro Ro ferry
*Fishing reel
*Computers accessories
*Video/Audio cassette
*Radio & Radio recorder
*Television sets
*Indicator Lamp
*Printed circuit board
*Integrated circuits
*Integrated circuits
*Others Mfd. products
*Melamine tableware’s
*Leather bags & purse
*Printed materials
*Stationery items
*Textile fabrics
*Aluminium household article
*Feature film
*Jamdani saree
*Circuit breakers
*Tooth brush
*Camera parts
*Iland gloves (Leater)
*Artificial flowers
*Home Textiles
*Ceramic tableware
*Stainless steel wares
*Electric bulb
*Ball pan
*Golf shaft
*Silk fabrics
*Other articles of leather
*Gift items
*Accumulator battery & parts
*Lamp & light fittings
These are the widely exportable items and exports products from Bangladesh. We need to find out more exportable items for Bangladesh, So that the economy of Bangladesh will bring a positive change. Bangladesh need more interested business initiative Example:One of the popular exporter of jute products from Bangladesh is www.fiodi.com they are the jute and craft exporter from Bangladesh
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