Importance of PayPal in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a developing country and 24th potential country across the world. Bangladeshi people are going to internet based day by day. The number of internet users in Bangladesh id increasing day by day, one of the surveys showed that increasing number of new internet user rate is higher in Bangladesh than any other country in the world.
Bangladeshi people doing well in outsourcing, blog writing, and the entire internet based activities. Doing quality outsourcing work from Bangladesh is one of the potential. oDesk declared Bangladesh as 1st position holder as outsourcer and it’s a big achievement for Bangladesh. Freelance, Elance and many other companies are highly satisfied to Bangladesh.
In this situation online transaction is badly needed for Bangladeshi people. If Bangladeshi people get this support easier they will do better in near future. In this regard PayPal should come forward in Bangladesh.
What is PayPal?
PayPal is online trusted money transferring site recognized all over the world.
Activity area:
Online transaction, shopping and many other online money transferring services
Bangladesh is one of the first growing internet user’s country across the world. Bangladeshi people participate all kind of internet activity like outsourcing, social community, online business, online services, purchases and all kind of internet based services. So in this regard easy and trusted money transferring site is badly needed for Bangladeshi people. PayPal can contribute in this sector. Still in Bangladesh there is no Office from PayPal. As a Bangladeshi I know how much we need PayPal in Bangladesh. We love and trust PayPal and PayPal should realize this.
Bangladeshi people will be really benefited if PayPal open a country branch in our country. We mass people are inviting PayPal to open a branch in Bangladesh. Many transaction is occurring every day in Bangladesh and it’s more than any other country who have their PayPal access so why not Bangladesh.
Google have already launched their office in Bangladesh and they are doing well in Bangladesh so why not PayPal.
We will be happy if PayPal think about branch in Bangladesh as early as possible and we Bangladeshi people will be happy so welcome PayPal to Bangladesh. If PayPal need any help about information and help about Bangladesh in this regard we BusinessHabit team will be always at site with PayPal and we will co-operate as per we can.
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