Facebook and Google Using Tech Tools For Nepal’s Earthquake Victims

The two most giant Tech Company Facebook and Google raised their helping hand for the people of Nepal who are victim for Earthquake. Most of the company used to help by donation it’s kind of common tradition for helping people, but Facebook and Google brought some difference. They created some sort of service for the people of Nepal.

On Saturday, Facebook rolled out a tool called Safety Check, which urges people in Nepal to click a button letting their Facebook friends know they're okay.

"When disasters happen, people need to know their loved ones are safe," Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg wrote in a post. "It's moments like this that being able to connect really matters."
in another post Mark Shared" Today we’re launching a special campaign to help raise funds for those affected by the Nepal earthquake.
At the top of your News Feed, you may see an option to donate money to the International Medical Corps who are on the ground helping people in the affected areas.
Facebook will match every dollar donated up to $2 million. Matching funds will be distributed to local relief and rescue organizations working to provide immediate and ongoing relief.
Together we can help urgent care reach the people who need it. Thinking of all of you who are there and all of you who have relatives and friends in the affected areas"

Google, meanwhile, brought back its "Person Finder" tool, which lets people search for missing friends and family and post information. The site had hosted about 5,600 entries as of Monday, CNNMoney reports.
These two different services from these giant company could be an initiative for other companies.
It’s a very basic different example for a community and country who are in danger and its really a remarkable example from Facebook and Google.
Besides these two company Airbnd(Home-rental service) launched a a disaster response tool in Nepal to help those affected by the earthquake. If capable companies come forward in this way I think any problem can be solved easily

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