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Bangladesh has got their own rich people rapidly. The number of rich people increasing rapidly  and The number of entrepreneurs and business men are increasing day by day in Bangladesh which is really praise-worthy. Most of the rich men in Bangladesh are self-made, that is how they become the richer by their hardship. However the scenario is changing here in Bangladesh. The economy of Bangladesh is based on private entrepreneur and the foreign remitence. Government support is not much appreciatable and most of them are busy with their own bag, by the way given below are the top 10 richest people in Bangladesh:

 Known as “Prince Moosa”, Bin Shamser is regarded as the pioneer of Manpower Export industry in Bangladesh. He is called the pioneer of human resource export of this country. He is the owner of ‘Datko Group’. His total asset 950 million dollar.
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2. MR. A. S. F. RAHMAN:
He is the Chairman of Beximco Group that included 32 companies. His diversified business area:Manufacturing, Textiles, Pharmaceuticals, IT and Media, Jute, Real Estate, Construction, Ceramics and others. Beximco Group’s current annual turnover is over US$ 300 million. Mr. Rahman has been able to establish a strong business sector in Bangladesh. Beximco is one of the largest private taxpayer in Bangladesh. Beximco have more than 30,000 people on its direct payrolls. Mr. Rahman has chaired many imperial positions viz. Chairman of IFIC Bank Limited, Director of Industrial Promotion and Development Company, Arab Bangladesh Bank Limited, Pubali Bank Limited and Investment Corporation of  Bangladesh.. He has more than 35 years of business experience. Mr. Rahman graduated in Physics from Dhaka University in 1966. His present age is 62 years. Mr. RAHMAN has a son and a daughter.
SQUARE now diversified group of companies in Bangladesh. Number of employee in Square more than 28,000 people. The current yearly group turnover is 616 million USD and some year it more than 616 million USD. Square is not only Pharmaceutical based Square have other sectors: toiletries, health products, textiles, Agro Vet products, information technology and more. Mr. Samson H. Chowdhury, a recognized and leading entrepreneur of the country. He has been an icon of the pharmaceutical industries in Bangladesh.
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4. Shamsuddin Khan:
Another person who has the same wealth in 1 billion dollar is Shamsuddin Khan. He is one of the bright businessman in Bangladesh. Mr.Shamsuddin Khan join charity fund and help to the young businessman.
5. Tarique Rahman:
Fourth position goes for Tarique Rahman. He has 1 billion or more than one billion dollar net worth.
6. Sayeed Iskander:
With the net worth lies on 1 billion dollar, Sayeed Iskander can gain the fifth place of the Bangladesh richest lists .Sayeed Iskander is one of the prompt developing businessman in Bangladesh. He has business in various business sector.
7. Ahmed Akbar Sobhan:
Ahmed Akbar Sobhan is a millionaire who can take the sixth position in the Bangladeshi richest lists. His US$ 500 million-net worth is huge enough to take him on this valuable rank. Mr.AhmAkbar Sobhan related with various social work and contribution.

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8 .Giasuddin Mamun:
The position of seven will go for Mr. Giasuddin Mamun. He is one of the prominent businessman in Bangladesh. His net worth is estimated on the level of US$ 400 million.
9. Shahrin Islam Tuhin:
Now we will go for the 8th richest person of Bangladesh. Here in the position of eight Mr. Shahrin Islam Tuhin. The net worth of this man is counted in the value of US$ 300 million.
Mr Ragib Ali is a leading industrialist, tea-planter, and is also associated with bank, Stock exchange, insurance companies, and many other business houses. He has endless contribution in establishing many schools, colleges, masjids, madrasahs and medical colleges, and universities throughout the country. Born in 1938 in Bishawanath, Sylhet in Bangladesh, Mr. Ali built up a successful restaurant business, acquired a huge wealth through share market and real estate business. Within a short period of time, a leading industrialist, a renowned businessman, a foremost tea planter and a famous banker of the country. He is also the Managing Director of Kohinoor Industries Ltd. and TARA Holdings Ltd and has served as Chairman of South-East Bank Limited. His wealth is estimated to have increased on the level of US$ 250 million.
Iqbal Ahmed:
On the tenth position of the Bangladesh richest lists, you will be served with the emergence of Iqbal Ahmed. His prosperity according to the recent research is counted in the rate of US$ 250. He is a potential business and trying to bring some change in Bangladesh.
***There are Two More respective, creative business minded persons data we have. They have done the extracurricular Development in business. They are:
Abul Kashem:
On the first position of the Bangladesh richest lists, you will be served with the appearance of Abul Kashem. His networth is also the same with the previous man. It is in the rate of 1.5 and morthan1.5 billion dollars. Abul kashem is one of the top most reach man over Bangladesh. He was also a politician, author and an eminent educationist.

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They are the most top rich people in Bangladesh. We have many more rich people in our country but they are the people with highest assets. If you have any query about rich people in Bangladesh please let us know your comment and if you want to add more information let us know as comment below. Thanks

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Successful businessmen in Bangladesh
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