Why Google Should Continue Google+

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Can you think a day without social media? I don’t think so! Whatever the reason with or without if you are now reading this article, I will guess that you go to your social media networks at least 3 times in a day.
Human psychology always want to know the surrounding situation and actually what’s happening these are common requirement of mind. We always keen to know about the upgrade whatever that is.
If you observe the progress of social media hope you will get the answer. Social media is one of the fastest growing area of internet across the internet history.
Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Instagram there are many more popular platform of social media. These social media mostly used in two sector 1. Personal Use and 2.Business Purposes.
So now I would like to make you more clear the reasons behind Google should continue Google plus.
Digital Marketing is one of the trendy topic nowadays in marketing not in analog but for Digital. My question is can you even think about digital marketing without social media smartly and for the targeted customers. So here google Google+ can play an important role for the future.
You will be surprised to hear that across the world people are studying in Digital Marketing based on social media and others form of media.
Can you think the future of these social media platform and the demand of it? I read an article that Google is going to stop the Google+ it gives me pain. I want to ask Google founders why man? Please don’t do this Google+ has a future and it will grow gradually. The demand of social media is increasing day by day so it will never be a good decision for google to give up on Google+.
Many more business will grow based on social media based on Marketing, business and personal interest.
I am requesting to Google’s founder think about Google+ again. Google+ can have a slow growth but it’s strong enough for the future.
I myself and my brother reached on Google+ for a long time and about Google+ customization. We found many more feature for Google+ and found some demerits of Google+.
Plot Twist: We would change Google Plus if we get a chance.

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