Monday, October 27, 2014

How do you write initials of your name ?

Most of the time for application we need our initials name. So we should have clear knowledge about initials name. I have added a image example for your better understanding that how you will write initials name. i am explaining the image, here you can see the name has three part
1. Kazi
2. Mustafa
3. Hasan
its a combination of family name like "Kazi Mustafa Hasan"
So now if you want to choose a initials name from this name in that case you have to choose first two word of the first two segmentation of the name, that is "Km" after that you can add the last portion of the name "hasan".
All together the initials name will be "Kmhasam"
This is the way you can set initials name of any other name. Example- John petter canady, initials- Jpcanady.