Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Richest People in Poland

Poland is a beautiful country and the country have a good per capita. Her in Poland there are many rich people. Now the most rich people in Poland is Barbara Piasecka Johnson and the net worth is $4 Billion. List as follows
1.Barbara Piasecka Johnson:
Net Worth: $4 Billion
2.Jan Kulczyk:
Age: 60
Net worth: $2.1 bil
Source: telecom, oil, beer
3.Michal Solowow:
Age: 47
Net worth: $2 Billion
Source: investments
4.Leszek Czarnecki:

Age: 48
Net worth: $1.4 bil
Source: leasing, banking
5.Zygmunt Solorz-Zak:

Age: 53
Net worth: $2 bil
Source: TV station
There are many more rich people in Poland. If you think some one's name would you like to include pls let us know through comment.