Friday, October 24, 2014

Top 10 Rich People in Sweden

Sweden is one of the beautiful and rich country in Europe. Sweden is a beautiful place for living and business. There are many rich people in Sweden. We are going to highlight top 10 rich people in Sweden:
1. Stefan Person:

Born: 4 October 1947
Age: 66
Nationality: Swedish
Education: University of Stockholm
Net worth: US$ 28 billion
Source: H&M (Chairman)
Spouse: Carolyn Denise Persson
2. Hans Rausing:

Age: 87
Education: Lund University
Net worth: US$ 11billion
Source: Tetra Pak
3. Antonia Johnson:

Born: September 6, 1943
Age: 69
Net worth: US$ 9.2 billion
Source: Axel Johnson AB
4. Jorn Rausing:
Age: 53
Net worth: US$ 5.2 billion
Source: Tetra Laval, inherited
5. Finn Rausing:
Age: 58
Net worth: US$ 5.1billion
Source: Tetra Laval, inherited
6. Kristen Rausing :

Age: 60
Net worth: US$ 5.1billion
Source: Tetra Laval, inherited
7. Bertil Hult:

Born: 1941
Age: 72
Net worth: US$ 4.1billion
Source: EF Education First
Spouse: Lisbeth Hult, married 1974
8. Melker Schörling:

Age: 66
Net worth: US$ 4.1billion
Source: Melker Schörling AB
9. Liselott Persson:
Age: 64
Net worth: US$ 3.9billion
Source: H&M
10. Ingvar Kamprad & family:

Born: 30 March 1926
Age: 87
Net worth: US$ 3.3 billion
Source: Founder of IKEA