Thursday, October 23, 2014

What is Mechanized Accounting?

Now a days technology is using every sector of our way of going and with this Accounting also joined this group. Now think about what is Mechanized Accounting. Ok lets come, whenever we will use the technology with our accounting system Example: Computer, Accounting software and many more technology advantage that time it would be Mechanized Accounting.
Mechanized Accounting is more user than manual accounting. Mechanized Accounting save our time and opportunity.
Most of the developing countries are now using Mechanized Accounting for their industrial revaluation and "Bangladesh" is one of the example.
However at last we can say, Accounting with technology is Mechanized Accounting.
The most complex problem in the mechanization of accounting is the preparation of raw data. This problem is resolved when accounting is fully automated and the primary documents that can be immediately understood by accountants are simultaneously computer data carriers. Full automation of accounting operations is the highest stage in the mechanization of accounting; it is achieved in automated control systems.