Thursday, October 23, 2014

Trade Licence in Bangladesh( How I can Get it)

you are looking for trade licence in Bangladesh ? its really easy to get a trade licence in Bangladesh. if you have a business than just select your business name and office. After completing these, go to your local city corporation office they will provide you the trade licence form.its as simple as it is and don't worry about it to have the trade licence from the city corporation office.
I am going to give you an example, think i am from Mirpur-1 Dhaka, now how i will gate trade licence? the answer is at Mirpur-2, their is the office of Dhaka City Corporation. Simply they will provide me the trade licence form.just to fill up the from as they give the instruction. Now think about your local city corporation's office and they are waiting for you to give you the trade licence form.

The price of the trade licence form is Tk 10 and additional fee will be needed for the government it could be tk 1500-3500 (This amount could be change if Government change it)
what you need:
- your business name
-Two photo
-A pen
-your office address and many other information that you know already.
Thank you :) hope you will be benefited and waiting for your reply.