Thursday, April 23, 2015

Are You in Deep Sleep Airtel Need You to Wake Up

I am really shocked to write this that everyday midnight I got a promotional SMS from Airtel which is really annoying. When I am in sound sleep at night suddenly I got a sound of SMS and I just lost the concentration of sleeping. When I look the SMS I just couldn’t control my temper and the answer is it’s a promotional SMS from Airtel. This kind of marketing should be under control. It cannot be an ECO marketing system. Each and every telecommunication system in Bangladesh should rectify their marketing system mostly Airtel.
Airtel is a pop telecommunication for the young in Bangladesh. I think they should have this minimum sense of sending promotional SMS at around 2: am at night. What do you think is it a good way to let someone know? Marketing should not effect in personal.
I didn’t get these kind of promotional SMS from other operator,Have you seen before this kind of marketing other colonial country?
However I think the top order person of Airtel should think about these kind of marketing. In the meantime it doesn't bring a positive vive of marketing. It’s annoying and disturbing they should think about it and we will no longer allow these kinda …..