Saturday, July 4, 2015

Hello Bangladeshi Fashion House, Can We Start Fresh?

Fashion industry is up growing here in Bangladesh. Plenty of fashion industry is emerging our market which is appreciating. But sometime I become frustrated about their advertising way and how these fashion houses doing their advertising using print and electronic media.
I want to share some of my experience, few days back I was crossing Redisson Hotel and opposite of the hotel I saw a bill board which was adult addicted and I don’t want to mansion the name of the fashion house. There are many more fashion industry here in Bangladesh is using such abusive bill board for their marketing promotion which is not appreciating. If you got good clothing so the fashion House will automatically picked up. Fashion House in Bangladesh should not go in that way there are many more ways.
After all Bangladesh is a Muslim country, all the religious people are here, so how do you think (Fashion House Owner) will do promote your products such way. Our colonial country having some impact for this type of approach. Mostly I would like to mention India and most of the young generation not most of, sum of our young generation vivid by that culture which is really sad for us. I would like to say to them “be a person with backbone”
However I am going other topic. Last of all I want to say for those fashion house “be an advertiser with courtesy except this Bangladeshi people know how to stop purchasing”