Thursday, September 17, 2015

Facebook Opens New Office in Thailand

A 3D plastic representation of the Facebook logo is seen in this illustration in Zenica
Welcome to Thailand Facebook. Today Facebook is going to open their first office in Thailand. Why not Thailand it’s a rapid emerging country. Every month more than 34 million Thais use Facebook to connect their day to day news, views and they post 3 times more than the global average. From local NGOs seeking donors to small businesses seeking customers, people across Thailand use Facebook to stay connected to the things that matter. Small business owners are benefiting through Facebook at a praise-worthy rate.
Sheryl Sandberg- chief operating officer (COO) at Facebook remarked on her facebook post about a small business owner and how she benefited through Facebook.
“Sureerat Sriphromkam is one of them. She owns a small business called JQ Seafood which delivers freshly cooked seafood to homes in Bangkok. She does everything through her Facebook Page – from talking to customers to filling orders. In less than four years, JQ Seafood has grown from 1 to 19 kitchens.
Entrepreneurs like Sureerat are everywhere in Thailand – from the bustling street markets to the incredible malls – and we want to create more opportunities for them. We're grateful for the chance to partner with businesses like JQ Seafood – and help more people in Thailand connect to the people and things they love.”
Dan Neary, vice president of Facebook Asia Pacific, said the firm had set up its new offices in Thailand to take advantage of the rapid growth of social media here. The company will strengthen its support to help large and small companies achieve their business goals.
The promo Video- Facebook Opens New Office in Thailand: