Thursday, July 28, 2016

How Many Businesses Using Facebook Fan Page?

if you think about the school of social media in that case Facebook will come first. Across the globe the most branded company and organization got at least one facebook business page for their business.
The very reason for using this social platform is to get potential customers from all around the world. Most exciting matter for the business owner that they can have all classified and targeted customers as per their need to promote the products.
If you think about the valued brand in the world, all they are using this social platform for their business growth.
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Here some examples of world’s recognised brand who are using Facebook business page:
Nike, Cocacola, IBM, KitKat, Pepsi, Fiodi and many more companies using Facebook page for their business promotion.
There are now 60 million businesses using Facebook Pages each month.Facebook and Instagram have become the mobile presence for businesses around the world. Businesses large and small are using our products to connect to their customers.
So why you are waiting have your Facebook business page and explore.