Monday, May 1, 2017

Documents Requred to Get Bonded Ware House License in Bangladesh

If your firm is a 100% export oriented industry, you may reduce your cost by getting a Bonded Warehouse License for duty free import of raw materials from the Customs Authority. You must export 100% of your products. On the other way, you may import your materials by paying customs duties and even you do have the option to procure your raw materials from the local market and thus Bonded Warehouse License will not be required.

After completions of export, you will get a Duty Draw Back or cash benefit at the rate of 25%. Claim of duty draw back should be submitted to the DEDO as per prescribed rule.

You have to submit your application along with the following documents:

One: Application in a prescribed form.
Two: A Bond for Tk. 3 (Three) crore in a non-judicial stamp worth Tk. 1000.00.
Three: Trade License (updated).
Four: Updated Import Registration Certificate (industrial sector).
Five: Updated Export Registration Certificate.
Six: Memorandum of Articles and Certificate of Incorporation (in case of limited company).
Seven: TIN.
Eight: VAT Registration Certificate.
Nine: Bank Solvency Certificate.
Ten: Membership certificate of BGMENBCCMA/BSTMEA.
Eleven: A copy of house rent contract or ownership documents.
Twelve: No Objection Certificate from Department of Environment (in case of chemical exercise). Thirteen: No Objection Certificate from the Power Development Board (PDB).
Fourteen: Registration Certificate from Board of Investment.
Fifteen: Letter of recommendation from Board of Investment for issuing Bonded Warehouse License. Sixteen: Treasury challan for payment of Taka 1000 as license fee.
Seventeen: Nationality Certificate.
Eighteen: Two copies of passport size photographs for every director/owner.
Nineteen: Documents of machinery imports
Twenty: Two sets of layout plan of the factory.
Twenty-one: Certificate from the Fire Service Department.
Twenty-two: Declaration in a Tk. 100/- non-judicial

Recently, it is noticed that it has been made essential to furnish No Objection Certificate from the Department of Environment, VAT Registration Certificate from Customs VAT and Excise Authority, License from the Fire Service Department and ERC, IRC from the CCI&E office.